Because word-of-mouth is a primary driver in real estate, testimonials go a long way. Buyers and sellers are looking to work with professionals with a track record of success. One of the best ways to showcase your success is to supply them with positive customer reviews. While written testimonials continue to be an effective means of promotion in the real estate industry, using video testimonials are a far more engaging way to connect with prospects. If you are trying to convert more leads into sales, continue reading and discover the many ways in which videos can help grow your real estate business in 2019.

Video usage improves SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) will make any web page more favorable to multiple search engines. In 2019, real estate business should consistently utilize an SEO strategy to keep their websites competitive online. With this, video content helps to increase conversion rates.

Videos are entertaining

People love to watch videos for both educational and entertainment purposes. The vast majority of internet users today would rather watch a video than read a long page of text. According to Hubspot, 73% of consumers in the world prefer watching videos on social media that are considered to be entertaining. If you want to communicate your message to your intended audience effectively, video content is one of your best options.

Videos strengthen credibility

While written statements from a customer may have sufficed as testimonials in the past, seeing a satisfied client speak can be even more profound to a potential buyer. If you are looking to strengthen your business credibility, consider uploading video testimonials to both your website and social media pages. A video testimonial allows a prospect to observe authentic behavior, as it is impossible to replicate the effects of visual cues through images or text. If you want to prove the validity of your positive reviews, videos testimonials are the way to go.

Makes content relatable

The more you can connect with your intended audiences on a personal level, the more effective your content will be in practice. With this, it is important to remember that the average consumer is continuously berated with cliche sales pitches such as television commercials, youtube advertisements, or posts on social media. Utilizing testimonials from satisfied clients will allow you to relate to homebuyers and sellers more easily.

Emotional response

In many cases, emotions play a role in the decision-making process. If a business can connect with its intended audience on an emotional level, they are far more likely to obtain their business. In this, it is always easier to connect with people and get your message across through live video than simple text alone.

Where to share your video testimonials

After you have filmed a video testimonial, there are several platforms where you can share that content online. Consider the following mediums to showcase your video testimonials.

Social media

Videos are shared on social media all of the time. A video is significantly more likely to go viral than a standard text post. Major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it easy for users to share content with their connections. According to Hubspot, 78% of people watch online videos on a weekly basis. Real estate professionals should take advantage of the social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as they are effective mediums for connecting with buyers and sellers.


Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world today? People use YouTube to watch everything from quirky cat videos to video tours of homes for sale. It is a perfect platform to upload video testimonials from satisfied buyers and sellers. If you have not done so already, create a YouTube channel to upload informative content about your real estate services. You can also use your youtube channel to offer your advice about home buying or selling, updates on the real estate industry, and any other topics you wish to address.


Many businesses today have written client testimonials on their company page. For instance, you may scroll to the bottom of the home page and see quotes from some satisfied customers sharing their personal experiences. If you want to boost the SEO of your website, video testimonials are a great place to start. You may want to consider creating a testimonial page or incorporate a few clips of video testimonials in your websites home welcome video.