Real estate agents have been hard at work readjusting their day-to-day operations to accommodate buyers and sellers throughout COVID-19. How does a real estate business stay connected with prospective clients? The answer to this question is really quite simple- through their online presence. While the ongoing pandemic has expedited this trend, the world was already becoming increasingly reliant on digital communications for the past several years. As we look to the future, it is becoming quite clear that a strong online presence is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for all real estate businesses today. Consider some of the many reasons why real estate is headed in that direction.

Changes in Communication

Communication is a clear part of every real estate transaction. This is especially evident during COVID-19. To maintain high-quality communication and relationships, real estate professionals need to keep clients posted on any updates regarding their business as it relates to policy changes, new listings, and inspection reports. 

Changing Standards of Convenience

People today not only seek convenience, but in many cases, they expect it. This is especially evident for the younger generations who are generally more tech-savvy. As virtual home tours continue to grow in popularity, more buyers will be shopping for their next home from behind an electronic device. Because so many buyers are spending much of their home search from behind a screen, real estate businesses need to online as well. For most real estate businesses, a strong website, Google Ads, and a Facebook page are excellent starting points.

Real Estate Website Technologies from LiveBuyers

LiveBuyers IDX websites have user-friendly interfaces and management tools. They are fully responsive and search engine optimized with fast load times. With one of our websites, you can also expect custom and semi custom options, fully modifiable pages, and an integrated WordPress blog.

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