This year has brought much uncertainty to the real estate industry. Home interest rates were historically low entering 2020, which led to feelings of excitement towards buying homes or refinancing existing ones. The current global pandemic has undoubtedly disrupted this spring buying season, as buyers, sellers, and agents work to readjust from traditional real estate procedures and adhere to social distancing. As a result, real estate businesses are now heavily reliant on the internet as a means of engaging with buyers and sellers during this challenging time. 

Even with people self-quarantining at home, plenty of Americans are actively looking to buy and sell homes at this time. Real estate businesses who were previously running ad campaigns should continue to run pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as a means of connecting with prospective clients. Real estate businesses who are currently taking advantage of ad campaigns could also benefit from using them in their 2020 marketing strategy moving forward. 

Ad campaigns can provide a competitive advantage. 

Real estate is one of the more competitive industries in the U.S today, and has been for several years. Real estate businesses who put their marketing campaigns on hold during this time may run the risk of being left behind by the competition or losing potential revenue when normalcy is restored. Because people are now staying at home and spending more time online, now is an excellent time to invest in your digital marketing. Through the usage of PPC campaigns, businesses can continue to connect with prospective clients when the competition halts its advertisements.

The industry will eventually stabilize. 

Although it is difficult to see the end of this global pandemic, we must remember that our country will return to normal eventually. When it does, it is important to be sure that your business is in prime position for your marketing campaigns to run as effectively as possible. While it is possible to see the effectiveness of ad campaigns in only a short period, the overall effectiveness of a campaign always takes time. For this reason, businesses should continue to invest in marketing when so many aspects of our lives are being put on hold. A real estate agent who implements or continues with their ad campaigns during what many consider to be downtime may be better positioned to reach their goals for the rest of the year. 

History warns against cutting marketing costs. 

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, there have been several studies over the past century highlighting the benefits of advertising during periods of a weakened economy. Advertisers who maintained or grew their ad spend by choosing a more progressive strategy outperformed business that made economic cuts after times got better. The Advertising Speciality Institute argues that a business’ message is more likely to be noticed because there are fewer in the market, and is more likely to be remembered when businesses start advertising again.

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