A strong web presence is one of the many critical keys to success in the real estate industry. For an agent to remain competitive today, it is crucial to allocate the time and resources necessary to craft a beautiful, user-friendly website. A recent report published by the National Association of Realtors concludes that 44 percent of all home buyers in 2018  began their search by browsing properties online first. With this in mind, search engine optimization (SEO) should remain a top priority of all real estate businesses today. Continue reading to discover the many reasons why every real estate agent needs a professional website in 2019.

Make your website a valuable source of information

Because the majority of homebuyers begin their search online, agents should strive to make their website both informative and user-friendly. No matter which design or style you choose, your website site should provide your clients and prospective clients with information surrounding your experience and services. As you create a new website, be sure to include a variety of information on industry topics, as well as advice and explanations on steps in the home buying process. 

Maintain your website with fresh content

With prospective buyers now heavily reliant on the internet as a starting point for their purchases, agents should actively maintain their professional websites with fresh content throughout the year. Strong content will not only keep your professional website interesting, but it will also allow potential clients to find your listings and get in touch with you. 

Showcase the value of your experience

A well-designed real estate website with fresh, up-to-date content will ultimately serve as your online showcase and business card in the real estate industry. By utilizing a local SEO strategy, an agent can pinpoint their target demographics in a more exact location. For instance, if an agent is trying to sell homes in a particular area of town, they can insert both short and long keywords throughout their website to represent their services in that area. In doing so, their online presence will have a significant advantage over local industry competition. A variety of keywords can be used not only in website content, but also in meta descriptions, page URLs, and page titles. If your services are easy to find and specific to a particular area, potential clients are more likely to work with you as a result. 

Strengthen your content with an informative blog

One of the most underrated tools in the real estate industry is a blog. If you are looking to generate a strong following online, consider building a blog page for your professional website. With a new blog, you can routinely post compelling and informative content for your potential clients. Not only will this contribute to the success of your SEO strategy, but it will also strengthen your position as a local real estate expert. The more an agent can put their knowledge on display, the more likely they will be trusted as a source of industry knowledge. Blog posts are also excellent sources of content to share across social media platforms, which will further increase traffic to your website.

Invest in strong personal branding

Branding is such an integral component of building a professional website and becoming a successful real estate agent. How are clients going to differentiate you and your services from other agents in the area? The answer is through strong personal branding! Your professional website should be a direct reflection of your style, knowledge, and successes as an agent. It should clearly illustrate who you are, what you can offer, and your goals as a professional in the industry. Your personal brand is essential for showing buyers and sellers who they will be working with.

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