People love watching videos. One of the best ways to capture a person’s attention in a digital setting is through the usage of moving content. This is why video usage is so popular on social media giants like Facebook and Instagram. With this, here are a few significant reasons why a video background would be an excellent addition to your real estate website in 2020. 

Visitors will stay on your website longer

One of the greatest benefits of having a video background on your website is increased conversion. In other words, video backgrounds tend to make visitors stay on your site longer. The benefit of this is because they are more likely to reach out to you regarding your services. On average, people only spend less than 15 seconds on a website. If you can get visitors to stay on your site longer than that average, they are significantly more likely to inquire about your real estate services.

Visually appealing

There are thousands of real estate websites in the world today. If you want to stand out from the competition in your area, you should consider investing in an eye-catching video background. More than likely, the majority of your competitors use static images for the home pages of their professional website. 

Home video backgrounds

Visitors will gain a better understanding of the homes in the area. Many homebuyers prefer to see video content over pictures.

Skyline video backgrounds

Visitors get to see the cities/areas in which you work more in-depth. A video background may feature points of interest within the area that may appeal to your potential clients. 

Enhances SEO 

A real estate website that is not optimized with search engine optimization is more or less an online business card. Examples of SEO best practices include location-specific keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, landing pages, and video content. If you want any of your online content to appear higher on search results or social newsfeeds, video can be a great tool.

Custom Local Video Background from Livebuyers

One of our available add-ons for our customers is a custom, local video background. We can obtain a high definition aerial video from your local market for the home page of your website. If our team is unable to source local footage from your specific market, we will use the closest geographic area.