A feature that is becoming increasingly popular in website design is scrolling menus instead of clickable ones. Scrolling is a more intuitive action for any users on your site, especially if they are accessing it via a mobile device. You can take advantage of this by converting your blog to a scrolling method instead of a clicking one, or even just converting your homepage to a scrolling format. While seeming more engaging to the user, it also encourages them to digest more content, because all they have to do is scroll to down like they would on Instagram or Facebook.

The reason you will get more interactions with a scrolling site is a little counter-intuitive. Users prefer a scrolling format because it feels less committal, since it is faster than clicking and they don’t have to wait for a new page to load. But, while they think they are just visiting, they are actually interacting more with your site than they would otherwise because of the ease of scrolling. You can also play around with this feature a lot, which is a great way to get creative. Explore the design of your website to see what you can turn into a scrolling menu, whether it be your content or your listings page. Even your “about us” pages can be turned to scrolling, and anything that can give your users more information with less commitment to your site will probably make them stick around longer before bouncing.