Because so many people are beginning their house search online, it is crucially important to make as much relevant information available pertaining to your listings as possible. People love doing things from the comfort of their own homes, and this has lead to the rise of the digital open house.

Traditionally, listings included a few pictures of the house along with whatever description the seller wanted included. But as the industry becomes more tech-savvy, there has been a big jump in the use of 3D virtual listings and VR listings on realtor websites. These feature do double duty in terms of capturing leads, because they add a wow factor to your site and also ensure that only very serious buyers show up to the open house, because a virtual tour eliminates the need to actually show up to the house unless you are interested in possibly making an offer.

Real estate marketing professionals recommend making this the focus of your listing marketing tactics. It will function to both collect qualified leads and get more traffic to your site as other real estate agents start doing the same thing and bidding for ads on pages that feature 3D virtual tours.