With so many homebuyers beginning their home searches online, video content is now a digital marketing must-have for many real estate agents. By taking advantage of video and live streaming capabilities, real estate agents can market their property listings more easily. If you are an agent looking for an edge over the competition, consider utilizing live streaming as a part of your services. With this, continue reading to discover a few significant benefits of live streaming your open houses online.

Attract buyers online

Live streaming your open house to potential buyers online allows you to publicize your property more easily. Many buyers prefer to see video of a listing before spending time and energy on driving to the listing. Today, many buyers are reliant on their mobile devices to browse property listings. If you want to attract more homebuyers online live streaming your open houses is a great starting point.

Receive online engagement 

As you live stream videos on your social media channels, you will likely receive engagement in the form of comments and likes. The goal of boosting your engagement with live streaming is to get people to reach out to you by requesting additional information, asking questions, and scheduling future appointments. 

Builds your social presence 

Businesses today are harnessing the power of social media to build their brand. Video content is trending upwards for the last few years. People love watching videos online, and by making the most of your social media presence, you can build brand recognition and successfully advertise your property listings.