Real estate marketing has come a long way over the years. With the emergence of technology and the internet, real estate professionals now have several marketing tools in their arsenal. A real estate marketing strategy that harnesses the power of social media and virtual/3D technology, combined with traditional marketing methods such as cold calling, is primed for success in 2019. With this in mind, check out some of the top real estate marketing trends this year.


Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing continues to serve as an effective tool for reaching large target audiences. Many real estate professionals rely on email blasts to inform contacts of new property listings. These emails often contain links to the listing, images, virtual tours, and videos. Email marketing is also an excellent way to share blogs from your website, as well as advertise upcoming open houses.


Instagram marketing

Real estate professionals are slowly adopting the strategy of Instagram marketing. So far in 2019, more agents are using Instagram content and posting tools as primary marketing strategies. In addition to image posts and stories, Instagram also has sponsored content, which can be used to reach both buyers and sellers. With Instagram advertisements, you can specify the content of your posts including listings, budgets, and your target audience. In addition to advertisements posted on Instagram, users can organize and promote their content with the use of tagging and hashtags to make their posts more discoverable to their target audiences.


Virtual staging

Virtual staging is used as an alternative to physically staging a home for an in-person walkthrough. A virtual staging website allows an agent to show a buyer the layout, details, and potential of a property from anywhere and on any mobile device. This added convenience of showing a home virtually helps to save the seller time and money in the process.


Facebook 3D Photos

Facebook 3D photos are primed to take the real estate industry by storm this year. These 3D photos can be accessed on the computer or by phone. In addition to virtual tours, agents can use Facebook’s 3D photos to highlight rooms and features of a home. People are also using drone photography to capture shots of homes exterior of a home and it’s surrounding landscapes.