Love is in the air as we move closer to Valentine’s day and while outside may still be cold and frigid the real estate market is warming up.  That new home with the picket fence makes a much better gift than the generic box of chocolates and cheap card you picked up as a last-minute gift from the pharmacy.  Forget about trying to make a reservation at some swanky restaurant. I would much rather have a candlelight dinner out on our lovely new patio.  There is this mass assumption that spring and fall prime time for owners, sellers and home buyers but according to ATTOM Date Solutions, February is a better time for bargains.  Homes during this time, the average home sells for a lower price and weather has a lot to do with this. Colder temperatures make it rough on sellers hosting open houses which results fewer attendees and in some cases a constant tracking of snow on the floor you so painstakingly try to kept and clean and presentable.   You will find there are fewer buyers competing in this market, you will essentially benefit from the stillness.  Intriguing?  I think so.