What are IDX landing pages?

In terms of real estate websites, an IDX landing page is a search engine optimized page that website visitors can land on directly. An effective IDX landing page will also have integrated lead capture. Real estate agents will commonly link these landing pages to Facebook or Google advertisements, and other websites to generate traffic. Because IDX landing pages have a very targeted purpose, they generally have clear, concise call to actions such as contact forms, registrations, or buttons.

Most effective Real Estate Landing Pages

1. Home Search Landing Pages – Buyer Leads

Home Search Landing pages, or IDX landing pages are designed to generate buyer leads. Often used in conjunction with paid advertising, a user is offered free access to look at homes. After a number of page views or duration of time on the website they are encouraged to leave their contact information to continue using the site.  With some platforms you can build landing pages very quickly using landing page generators.

A landing page generator takes a URL that has a search query, and formats it in a search engine friendly way – also referred to as a vanity URL.

Example of bad landing page URL

Example of poor landing page URL

Example of good landing page URL

example of good landing page url

2. Home Valuation Landing Pages – Listing Leads

LiveBuyers Automated Home Valuation Listing Lead Tool

LiveBuyers Automated Home Valuation Listing Lead Tool