One of the most effective ways to advertise products or services online is to utilize social media platforms. With social media readily available as a tool for any real estate business, real estate agents can take advantage of social media marketing to generate leads and increase their total number of sales. However, it is also important to understand which platforms are most practical for each piece of content that you wish to share. Keep reading and discover how social media platforms are utilized in real estate today.



With over two billion users, Facebook is a tool that is consistently used by real estate professionals. With superior analytics, Facebook allows business to track the reach of their ads and posts to their target audience. Another appealing characteristic of this platform is the marketing tools that it possesses for targeting specific demographics and locations. In keeping this in mind, Facebook is an excellent tool for posting social content effectively.



Twitter is an excellent platform for instantly sharing content with your customer base. Simple tweets are especially useful for keeping homebuyers informed about listings in an area, as well as upcoming open-houses and the latest updates. Since Twitter has a character limit, this platform is commonly used for short posts and is frequently used by real estate professionals to share pictures, videos, and other outside links.



Do you have a LinkedIn account for your real estate office? Many people think of LinkedIn as the Facebook of professionals. If you want your real estate business to have a professional image, you will need an active LinkedIn account. While this platform is often used for networking and job postings, it can be used to post various types of content that promote your business.



Millennials make up as the largest segment of homebuyers today. According to Pew Research Center, some of Instagram’s most active users are in the 18- to 29-year old demographic. For that reason, real estate businesses should take advantage of Instagram to share images and videos. An eye-catching photo posted on Instagram is excellent for sparking user interest on this platform.