In a world that is constantly evolving, we can expect significant changes coming from the residential real estate sector following the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes increased usage of virtual tours, video-conferencing applications, and changes in buyer wishlists. As the industry adjusts to various changes brought on by COVID-19, real estate businesses should focus on their branding to accommodate the interests of clients moving forward. With this, here are some ways you can rebrand your real estate business post pandemic.

Invest more in online advertising.

The most successful businesses today invest time and resources into their advertising by promoting their message online. As restrictions are lifted, it is necessary to have your real estate business ready for your advertising campaigns to run as effectively as possible. One of the most cost-effective tools available today is Google Ads. Every real estate business should always be seeking greater online visibility. With major real estate companies like Zillow and as dominant forces, an agent can use paid ads as a means for greater visibility due to higher placement on search results pages. 

Provide reassurance to your clients.

The uncertainty of the future and the economic impacts of COVID-19 has made many people weary of purchasing a home in 2020. If you have not already, now is the time to start gathering as much statistical data as you can get your hands on to convince people purchasing a home is a wise investment. Currently, home mortgage rates are at historic lows. Buyers need to understand that they may not have the same opportunity down the line if they decide to wait. Visuals are especially helpful when presenting clients numbers. Data that clients will always care about include housing valuations, local market figures, and cost-benefit analysis. 

Share your success stories and client reviews.

Buyers and sellers also want reassurance they are working with a reputable partner. This is why it is crucial for real estate agents to back up their real estate experience with client reviews and success stories online. Testimonials can also be posted on a variety of platforms, including your website and social media pages. People want to see client reviews because they usually come from unbiased sources. Today, buyers are incredibly well-researched and will often learn as much as they can about your experience before they hire you to represent them. 

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