With millions of websites online, one factor that differentiates your site from the rest is a professional domain name. In a competitive industry, a strong domain name makes a significant difference in your online image and accessibility to prospects. Many real estate professionals fail to understand the importance of their domain name and ultimately end up with a weak website as a result. Ensure that it is easy for people to find you online by choosing a domain name that is a professional reflection of your real estate business. Continue reading for tips on how to pick a professional domain for your real estate business website

Explore your options

By researching relevant domain names in your industry, you can easily identify keywords that will give you a solid starting point for your own domain. After identifying significant keywords that capture your brand, you can incorporate them into your domain name. Be sure to conduct a search on potential domain names that you are considering to see if they have been used before or to see if they are protected by copyright. 

Keep your domain concise

Using too many words in your domain can deter potential clients from seeking out your website. Choose a domain that is easy for interested clients to both say and remember. With this, it is usually better to choose a short and catchy domain. Abbreviations can be an excellent way to cut down on characters. One exception to this tip is if the name of a city included in your business name is long. When picking your website, try to choose something that is short and memorable. 

Make it descriptive

Your website visitors should get an idea of your location and services simply by reading your domain. While it can sometimes be tricky to be descriptive with a domain, try to keep it short, concise, and interesting for a prospective client. 

Include your service areas

Domain names referencing local areas thrive on search engine rankings. Because the real estate industry is such a local industry, it best to reference towns, cities, or neighborhoods in your domain name, if possible. When a homebuyer searches for a home, they will type in location-specific terms to help narrow down their search. Consider these common examples of real estate internet searches:

  • “Homes for sale in Anne Arundel County”
  • “Maryland real estate”
  • “Baltimore real estate agents near me”

Because people search for homes in specific locations, include area keywords that relate to your website content. This is also an excellent move for your search engine optimization.

Think twice about including your name

There will be people that learn about you and your real estate services by searching your name online. Most people are happy to share the experiences they had working with real estate professionals. You have probably learned about a real estate agent through word-of-mouth or by seeing their name in an online advertisement. However, it is safe to assume that there are home buyers and sellers who have never heard your name before. This is why it may not necessarily be in your best interest to include your name in your website domain but rather what you can provide to them in regard to your real estate services. As stated before, your name should reflect the locations that you cover. 

Avoid using hyphens

When it comes to real estate website domains, avoid using hyphens if you can. Many SEO experts insist that if using a  hyphen allows you to maximize multiple keywords in your domain, then you may use them. However, unnecessary hyphens can also detract from your website and can make it difficult for a user to type and remember.

Use easy-to-spell words

The exception to this rule is simple. If you cover a city or town that is hard to spell, such as Winnemucca, Nevada, this issue is unavoidable. However, every other word in your website domain should be easy to spell as a result. Why set limits on people finding your website by including challenging words? The goal is to direct as many people to your website as possible.

Make it professional

If you work in the real estate industry, your reputation is everything. It is essential to maintain a professional appearance at all times when you are in the presence of clients. You want prospects to put their trust in you. If your domain name is “Johndoebuyshouses4u.com.” people may think twice about learning about what you can bring to the table as a realtor. Also, you could have a beautifully crafted website with well-designed landing pages, but if you cannot get people to click on your domain name it won’t matter. 

Livebuyers is here to help

Our designers are here to help you every step of the way with the creation of your website. We will make sure that your domain will help your rank on search engines and that it meets your satisfaction. 

Example of a winning formula:

Location + relevant real estate keyword(s) + .com

= fairfaxhomefinder.com