The point of a Facebook page for your real estate practice is to give valuable content to your followers so that they trust you and turn to you for guidance. In turn, it will direct more and more traffic to your site and get more people to recognize your name, which is a good way to drum up business. Here are some ideas for making Facebook work for your real estate site.

  • Give before you get – A general rule of thumb is that you should give more than you get when you are posting. For example, post 3 interesting pieces of content that might be useful to your followers, and then ask for their business through a self-promotional post. This way, you won’t lose followers because they will see the value in your site.
  • Fill out everything – There are a lot of fields that you can fill out on your business’s Facebook page, and it is important to try to take advantage of all of them. Backlink to your website whenever you get the chance, and make sure you fill out all of your correct contact info. It is also good form to write a little something about yourself in the “about us” section, so your followers can get to know you better.
  • Mix up your content – Make sure you change the type of content you are posting from time to time. Mixing in videos, infographics, and even memes into your posting schedule will prevent your followers from getting bored or ignoring your feed.
  • Engage your followers – Competitions for things on Facebook is a great way to engage your followers and potential followers. Encouraging followers to like updates or leave reviews for you is a great way to get organic support, interact with your followers, and get the word out to others.
  • Embrace co-branding – Reach out to local businesses to see if you can join forces to co-brand with each other. This is a great way to expand your audience and prove to your current followers that you are engaged with your community. You could also see real life benefits to co-branding on Facebook, such as a potential real-life partnership.