One of the best methods for driving organic traffic to your real estate website is content marketing. Homebuyers today are hungry for fresh content online, and as a result,  are constantly looking at their news feeds and search engines to guide them through the buying process. Not only are buyers looking for new listings online, but they are also searching for tips, tricks, and other information that will direct them to their dream home. If you are worried that your content marketing is lacking, consider the following ways to improve your content marketing strategy in 2020. 


Visual content is an integral element of digital marketing today. One of the best ways to appeal to potential clients is to use a variety of compelling visual content online. This includes high-resolution photographs of home listings, video property tours, and colorful infographics of important statistics. Visuals should be used on every digital marketing channel, including your professional website and social media pages.

Success stories

Real estate agents can also utilize their success stories to stand out from the competition. Homebuyers today want reassurance that they are choosing the right agent to represent them. A combination of both written testimonials and videos of success stories will encourage potential clients to hire you in the future. In this highly competitive industry, it is essential to put your experience on display so that your credentials shine against your competitors. Be sure to feature enthusiastic clients regularly as part of your content marketing strategy.

Local SEO 

Are you making yourself accessible to potential clients in local listings? One of the best steps to ensure that you are visible is to optimize your Google MyBusiness profile. A large percentage of internet traffic comes from organic searches. With this, be sure that you keep your profile updated with your hours of operation, contact information, photos, and customer reviews.