Visual marketing plays a crucial role in the real estate industry today. With over 200 million active users, Instagram is an essential tool for generating leads, as it allows real estate agents to connect directly with prospects online. Homebuyers today rely heavily on social media sites to aid them in their home buying search. Because Millenials are now key players in the housing market, realtors today cannot afford to disregard the power of Instagram in their digital marketing strategies. According to Hootsuite, users under the age of 35 comprise over 70 percent of Instagram active accounts worldwide.


If you are looking to connect your business with the younger generations of homebuyers, it is crucial to utilize this social media giant as a part of your marketing strategy. Consider this brief overview of how Instagram plays a vital role in the real estate industry today.



How will your real estate business remain competitive in the industry? One of the best ways to increase brand awareness and engagement today is by sharing Instagram pictures and videos. In using Instagram, an agent can showcase all that separates their business from others in the area. Use this platform to show your personality, and make the most of this opportunity to build trust with your potential clients. In addition to informative real estate and property posts, mix in posts that are fun and exciting for your followers. Instagram is an excellent platform for showcasing your real estate expertise by sharing tips and tricks with your followers in each of your posts.


Gaining Client Trust

Homebuyers and sellers must have confidence in their real estate agent. One of the best ways to show potential clients that you are a reputable agent is through using your social media presence and following strategically. A homebuyer is going to feel better about working with an agent who maintains an active presence online by posting recently closed deals and responding to client questions. An Instagram account with many followers will instantly reassure potential clients that you are a reputable and trustworthy professional in the industry.


Promoting Your Listings

Instagram is an excellent platform for promoting property listings. If you have a beautiful property that just hit the market, Instagram allows you to share a series of professional photos within one post. This step can all be done in a matter of minutes from the convenience of a mobile device. Additional ways in which Instagram can be used to promote listings include:


Virtual tours

It won’t be long before virtual tours are the norm for house hunters. Instagram Stories is an excellent way to showcase photos and videos with followers. Once posted they only last for 24 hours and are located atop users news feeds. You can combine pictures, brief video clips, captions to create a look in a property listing.


Virtual open houses

Homebuyers love taking advantage of open houses. Today, virtual open houses are quickly growing in popularity because they are convenient and easy. Instagram Live allows agents to broadcast virtual open houses in real-time. Simply announce the time that you are hosting your virtual open house through a post on social media, and include critical pieces of information attached (current listing price and brief property description). With all of this information readily available, you can easily conduct a tour of the property when the time comes. This feature allows you to engage with prospects by answering questions as they pop up in the comment section.


Instagram Features


Editing capabilities

Agents today are constantly on the move. With this, they do not always have the time or resources necessary to have professional pictures of every property listings. Instagram has many advanced editing capabilities that can enhance a standard phone picture. An agent can utilize Instagram’s editing features to create polished photos. For instance, you can easily increase the lighting on the image of a home on a cloudy day to showcase what you sold.


Multi-photo feature

Did you know that the multi-photo Instagram feature allows you to post up to 10 pictures per post? This feature is ideal for a real estate agent looking to post a listing on social media easily. This allows realtors to include a picture of every room and pictures of the surrounding landscape. You can even include videos with this feature. This makes it extremely easy for users to scroll between photos and videos to get a full look at a property.


Location feature

The Instagram location feature is useful for realtors because it allows them to tag their location and increase their discoverability. When Instagram users search for a business in specific areas or ones near them, they can also tap a location to see additional posts from that specific place. This feature is similar to how hashtags are frequently used on Twitter. For instance, if you own a real estate business in Annapolis, and have a listing in Crofton, MD, you will want to tag Crofton when you post your home listing on Instagram.


Business account option

Real estate businesses today often take advantage of the business account option on Instagram. Doing so allows the user to reach the right audiences by running ads and boosting posts. This helps you reach more homebuying prospects to generate more leads.


Ideal Tools for Reaching Millennials

As mentioned before, Instagram is a perfect platform for businesses to connect with millennials. It is important to remember that this picture and video-sharing network is accessed by millions of millennials every second of every day. Since this Instagram is almost exclusively mobile and Millennials are known for always being on their smart devices, this platform is ideal.




Instagram Best Practices

To make the most of your Instagram presence, be sure to utilize the following best practices:


-Link your Instagram account to your Facebook account

-Use hashtags to make content more discoverable

-Maintain an active presence by posting regularly

-Post only high-quality photos and videos

-Post photos of the local neighborhoods

-Post photos of you and your clients

-Post testimonials and thank you messages


With eye-catching content and an excellent social media strategy, your Instagram can serve as an exceptional tool for generating leads and boosting your brand throughout the year.