The use of hashtags is a crucial element of effective social media marketing. Real estate businesses often use hashtags as a tool for marketing properties to younger generations of homebuyers. A hashtag is a (#) symbol followed by a keyword or phrase that is relevant to your post. Some examples of hashtags paired with a post about a property in Maryland might include #MarlandRealEstate, #homebuyingtips, and #mortgage. Hashtags are useful because they help to increase the discoverability of a social post by categorizing relevant content together into a single category. There are a variety of approaches that you can take to effectively use hashtags as part of your social media marketing strategy. Consider the following hashtag tips that can help grow your real estate business. 

Hashtag your location

Location is a significant element of real estate. Many homebuyers will browse social media platforms for home listings by location. For this reason, it is helpful to include a location hashtag with your listing photos. You can use hashtags to categorize neighborhoods, cities, or even counties. 

Hashtag your brokerage

Creating a hashtag for your brokerage will allow social media searchers to discover your content in one place. Once you have created your hashtag, encourage clients and past clients to use your it when they post on social media. Positive customer posts that are categorized with your brokerage hashtag will help to create a positive association with your brand on social media. 

Hashtag real estate keywords

Avoid going overboard with the amount of hashtags in your social media posts, by selecting a handful of relevant real estate keywords to include. This is an excellent way to reach more potential clients on social media. For example, if you are selling a brand new home, you could hashtag #newconstruction or #brandnewhome. By monitoring trending hashtags, you can create relevant posts to reach more people with your brand.