Generating leads is only half the battle for many real estate agents in the industry. With this, the real hurdle for many agents is converting leads into successful sales. After spending time, money, and additional resources into marketing your services, it is crucial to know how you can make the most of these opportunities and generate a return on your investments. Unfortunately, the majority of leads that agents receive are less than promising. While plenty of people show an interest in real estate, many are not serious about buying or selling a home. Keep reading and discover some helpful tips on how to convert real estate leads into sales in 2019.


Tools for Productive Lead Generation


-Social media




Understand every clients needs

The most successful realtors in the world today let their clients do the talking. The best way to understand the specific needs of your client is to listen carefully and take notes of what they are telling you. Real estate agents should try to record even the smallest details of information about a prospect and their goals. While you can interject every once in a while if you need clarification or want to ask a question, you want to try your best to remain quiet and let the client speak. Realtors should refrain from making assumptions about home buyers and sellers.


Follow up with your prospects

Real estate agents must stay proactive when trying to close deals. Many agents today fail to follow up with their clients and let prospects slip through their fingers. For that reason, strategic marketing plans that include a follow-up package is a must. After speaking with clients over the phone or in-person, it is crucial to follow up with them by sending them items such as a thank you letter, your resume that details your credentials and accomplishments in the industry, as well as some promotional marketing materials. This will go a long way in reaffirming clients that you are a professional and reputable individual in the industry.


Showcase your successes

While you do not want to brag, it is essential to show your prospects what you have accomplished in the industry. Many clients need affirmation that they are working with the right individual. Do not be afraid to point prospects to your recently sold home page on your website. Also, be ready to supply them testimonials and a list of references of individuals who used your services in the past.


Go mobile

One of the best ways to stay in close contact with real estate leads is through mobile technology. Consumers are dependent on their mobile devices when conducting research online. If a homebuyer or seller wants to research your services, there is a good chance they are going to pull out their smartphone and pull up a search engine. When they do, you want there to be a way for prospects to request additional information on your site.


Respond to leads immediately

It is imperative that you respond to real estate leads immediately. Realtors lose leads every day because they wait a while before responding to their online leads. The longer you wait to make contact with prospects, the less likely you are converting them into a sale. With this, keep close tabs on your various lead generation tools and follow up accordingly.


Maintain their interest

In addition to following up with potential home buyers and sellers. It is also great to meet up with them as soon as possible to get the train rolling and to keep their interest. It is important to quickly move from transition over the phone or messaging to an in-person meeting. If they can’t meet with you right away, follow up with them until they are available to do so.


Have a strong email signature

While business cards are becoming more and more obsolete, email signatures are not! Be sure that every email that you send to prospects has all of your contact information like phone number and email address. You should have several ways for people to reach you. An email signature will make it easier to reach prospects which should, in turn, lead to sales.


Use their preferred method of communication

In most cases, a lead is going to contact you on the channel they are most comfortable. If a prospect reaches you out via Facebook, respond to them on that platform. The same can be said about the other social media networks, email, or text. You don’t want to over complicate things by trying to be professional when it is not necessary. You want to make the process as simple and easy on the prospect as possible.