LinkedIn is often referred to as ‘the Facebook for professionals.’ Whether you a professional looking for a new job or an employer attempting to fill an open role, LinkedIn is one of the best tools that you can use to connect with other professionals.


If used correctly, LinkedIn is an exceptional platform for agents who are looking to connect with their prospects and target audiences. If you want to generate as much buzz about your services as possible, it is crucial to take advantage of all that LinkedIn can provide to your business. Continue reading and discover a few ways real estate agents can unlock the potential of their LinkedIn accounts in 2019.


Enhance your profile

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile requires careful thought and consideration. Much like your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile will create a first impression for your prospects. Many real estate professionals make the mistake of rushing this process and fail to put the effort needed to create a solid LinkedIn profile. While it can take a considerable amount of time to list your credentials, such as your work history, publications, and awards, doing so is a great way to showcase your expertise in the industry. This showcase of your credibility will also help to generate more traffic to your website. Be sure to list the geographic areas where you work in your heading because that is what people see when they search for agents. Also, a professional headshot goes a long way as well. Do not pull a vacation photo from your personal Facebook page of you standing on a beach. An unprofessional profile picture might suggest to your audiences that you are a less reputable agent in the industry.


Create a company page

Do you have a business page on LinkedIn? This is a great tool for sharing details about your services. On this page, visitors should be able to find links to your website, your portfolio, your office hours, contact information, and other important aspects in regards to your services. Your business page should look professional, so people are confident about hiring you. Be sure to include a professional banner that promotes your brand as well.


Use LinkedIn Pulse

If you want to stand out online in a competitive market, you must demonstrate your expertise in the industry. A blog page will allow you to share your personal experiences and incite with working in a particular industry. With your own blog, you can cover a variety of topics such as popular housing trends, current market conditions, or use it as a way to promote upcoming events in the area. By frequently publishing quality content, you will create a reputation as being an expert in the real estate industry. If you are looking for a space to publish your blog posts, look no further than LinkedIn Pulse. It is a news aggregation feed inside of LinkedIn. Here are some tips for successfully using LinkedIn Pulse:


Post regularly

If you want to create a following with your blog page, you need to publish content regularly. The most common issue real estate professionals run into with their blog page is that they do not share nearly enough content to maintain their audience’s interest which is why their posts do not have a lot of traffic. Create a posting schedule for yourself and stick to it! Do not get discouraged if you do receive a lot of traffic early on as it can take a while to create a following.


Share content across social media

After posting on Pulse, you should promote your content to your other social media sites. Cross-promoting social content is a great way to alert your social media followers of an update on your LinkedIn page. Be sure to include a website link to your post to make it easy on your followers to access your new content.


Only share engaging content

People only click on links that interest them or pertains to them in some way. With this, you want to create useful and engaging content that will be read and shared with others. Don’t waste your time creating content that serves no purpose to your audiences. For examples, blog posts about tips regarding the home buying process will appeal to first-time homebuyers. Here are a few more examples of valuable content you can share:


-Information about local neighborhoods

-The current state of the housing marketing

-Financial tips


How to generate leads through LinkedIn

How does an agent generate more leads? The answer to this age-old question has changed over the years with the emergence of technology and the internet. Here are a couple of ways agents can help themselves generate leads through LinkedIn:


Promote themselves through online groups

Another way to show off your knowledge and experience in the real estate industry is by connecting with LinkedIn groups, as this can be a great way to reach prospects. Scan through these prospects and connect with them directly. Make yourself available to answer their questions and showcase your expertise.


Request recommendations

LinkedIn has a recommendations feature that allows users to endorse other professionals based on their industry knowledge and skill set. A typical real estate agent would want to be endorsed for terms like ‘Real estate,’ ‘Selling’ and ‘Customer Service.’ You can also request others to provide you with a written recommendation as well.