Real estate professionals today are still investing time and resources into shared, junk leads that produce little to no results. What if we told you there is an effective way to generate your own direct contact leads for your personal brand? With fully managed ad campaigns on your Livebuyers Website, you can expect an instant return on your investment in the form of new business. Our fully managed pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are the fastest way to generate qualified leads with your LiveBuyers real estate agent website. Paid search offers real estate professionals a tremendous amount of flexibility and control over their advertising campaigns. 

As you plan for the new year, consider the many reasons why a managed PPC campaign is a critical part of your 2020 marketing strategy. 

Increased brand awareness

There are several benefits of building your real estate brand, such as increased word of mouth marketing, greater customer loyalty, and remaining top-of-mind for your prospects. 

Increased website traffic

Real estate is one of the most competitive industries in the world today. Agents are reliant on a variety of digital platforms to attract and connect with new clients. One of the best ways to direct more traffic to your website is through Ad Campaigns, as they help to boost traffic directly to your website. 

Advertise to an interested audience

The only thing better than advertising to a prospect is advertising to a target audience who is already interested in your services. This approach to your marketing strategy will help to save you time and resources on marketing to people who may not invest in what your website has to offer. 

Greater ROI

Compared to the other advertising tools available today, fully managed ad campaigns are one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to promote your services. 

Hassle-free advertising

Fully managed means FULLY managed. The experts at LiveBuyers are here to do all the heavy lifting. Our website developers are skilled to provide you with the following elements of your campaign:

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analysis
  • Content Writing & Landing Pages
  • Ad Campaign Creation

Contact LiveBuyers today!

LiveBuyers IDX websites have user-friendly interfaces and management tools. They are fully responsive and search engine optimized with fast load times. With one of our websites, you can also expect custom and semi custom options, fully modifiable pages, and an integrated WordPress blog.

Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you generate more business online through our innovative real estate website technologies!