How long does real estate website SEO Take?


As a developer here at LiveBuyers, one of the things I want to make most known to our clients is that effective SEO takes time. It’s one question we’re commonly asked, and when we’re not asked I do my best to make aware the fact that organic search engine results don’t happen overnight. There are a multitude of factors that play a part in the SEO of your real estate website.


Organic Leads Are the Goal


To many people, the goal of SEO is to see their website pop up on Google or Bing. Sure, visibility is great, but without an effective real estate website to maximize that traffic, it’s some what a waste. Wouldn’t you like the name and phone number of the person looking at properties on your website? Traffic obtained through search engine optimized key terms is 100% free traffic.

Okay – so how long does SEO take??


Now that we’ve defined our real goal in having a search engine optimized real estate website it’s time to answer the question. How long does real estate website SEO take?


And the answer: It Varies. There are so many variables when it comes to SEO from how long your domain has been in existence, to on page optimization, to external backlinks and more. The first step is to ensure your website developer is using a search engine optimized platform, such as WordPress. Many SEO firms will tell you that you should start seeing results in 4-6 months, and while that is a fair statement – it can fluctuate. It’s important to remember that time is a huge friend of organic traffic/rankings. SEO Results will grow over time, so whatever results you may see at 4 months will be considerably less than those you may see at 12 months, etc.


SEO success is rarely achieved within the first 90 days, even with a healthy budget dedicated to SEO alone.  With that being said, with the proper platform, fresh content, and ideal keyword placement you can achieve SEO success within a relatively short period of time, that will provide long lasting benefits in the form of free, targeted website visitors!