Google My Business is quickly growing in popularity amongst real estate businesses. Setting up a Google My Business is an easy step for boosting your online visibility. As a trusted digital marketing tool, Google My Business can drive a significant amount of driving traffic to your real estate website. Keep reading and discover a few ways in which Google My Business can strengthen the online presence your real estate business. 

Ability to upload photos

Once you have created a Google My Business account, you can easily upload photos to your page. Many agents prefer to add pictures of their office building in order to boost their accessibility for potential clients. It is also an ideal platform for uploading both your logo and professional headshot for easy recognition. Photos on your Google My Business account will also help to increase your click-through rates. 

Customer reviews

One of the most appealing benefits of using Google My Business is how your clients can write reviews. Excellent reviews will help your real estate business stand out from others in the area. Potential clients will also use your reviews as reassurance that you are a reputable individual in the industry before they invest in your services. 

Monthly reports

Google My Business also emails detailed monthly reports to your email outlining the performance of your business listing. These reports will include valuable information, such as the number of people who visited your website through your Google my Business account.