Are you looking to make the most of online advertising and grow your real estate business? 

One of the biggest obstacles that real estate professionals face today is marketing their services to the right individuals. In a highly competitive industry like real estate, there are a variety of ways to market yourself to the right homebuyers and sellers. 

Google Ads allows users to show their ads to the right people through a process called targeting. In other words, you as a professional have the capability to show your online advertisement to people with specific interests. In the case of real estate, individuals who are looking to buy in a certain area or sellers looking for information about their property value. Read on and discover a few ways that Google Ads can be used to target specific individuals to display relevant ads.


The first step that buyers and sellers take with their real estate plans is to open the Google search engine. People looking to buy in a specific area will type something along the lines of “homes for sale in X county” or “houses X city”. By including the right words and phrases in your Google Ad campaign, a user can make it so their ads are shown when potential clients search for those terms. 

Ad Location

Google allows users to display their online advertisements on Google search results pages and websites that are aligned with display and Google search networks. 


Many people conduct research on a wide variety of devices. Some people are passionate about using their PC’s while others opt for mobile-friendly devices like smartphones and tablets. As a Google Ads user, you can determine where your advertisements will appear.

PPC Campaigns From Livebuyers

Real estate professionals today are still investing time and resources into shared, junk leads that produce little to no results. What if we told you there is an effective way to generate your own direct contact leads for your personal brand? With fully managed ad campaigns on your Livebuyers Website, you can expect an instant return on your investment in the form of new business. Our fully managed pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are the fastest way to generate qualified leads with your LiveBuyers real estate agent website. Paid search offers real estate professionals a tremendous amount of flexibility and control over their advertising campaigns. 

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