The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will leave a lasting impression on the real estate industry, as agents are changing the way they market their services, show listings, and interact with clients. Although it remains to be seen, many experts are predicting new trends to emerge regarding homebuyer wishlists after COVID-19. After spending ample time at home over the last several weeks, the must-haves of buyers may change to accommodate working, living, and entertainment at home. 

Work-from-home space

The pandemic has shown many U.S companies that they can continue their operations while employees work remotely. As a result, we can assume that more businesses will allow for greater flexibility with their work-from-home policies. Homeowners will likely be on the lookout for properties that can feature dedicated work areas. Prior to the pandemic, many employees relied on make-shift spaces to work from home. More buyers will be on the lookout for homes that feature larger floor plans paired with separated living spaces. If a person will be working from home more in the future, they need a quiet, dedicated place to work.

Technologically compatible

As more individuals begin to work from home with their families, many people are realizing that their current living space does not meet their technological needs in terms of the number of electrical outlets, internet compatibility/speed, and energy efficient features in a home. Homes that include additional tech features will be even more appealing moving forward.

Entertainment space

Even if COVID-19 comes to an end anytime soon, it may take a while before people are comfortable attending social gatherings like sporting events, concerts, and movie showings. As a result, we may see a large number of buyers seeking homes that feature entertainment space on both the interior and exterior of the home. 

The pandemic has brought much uncertainty to the real estate industry. However, we know for certain that there will always be a demand for the buying and selling of homes in our country.