Google specializes in internet-related searches and products. Some of which include search engine, cloud computing, and online advertising technologies. As one of the Big Four technology companies in the world today, many homebuyers begin their home search by searching for property listings using Google’s search engine. For example, the typical homebuyer today may enter something like “homes for sale in Annapolis, MD” into the Google search engine. With this, Google Ads is one of the best online advertising platforms for real estate professionals looking to target buyer or seller leads. 

Google Ads Defined 

If you have ever searched for something on Google you have probably noticed that some of the search results have “Ad” in front of them. These paid advertisements are known as Google Ads. These ads function under a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model, meaning that the advertiser only pays a fee when one of their ads receives a click. 

Impact on real estate business

While it is important to drive organic traffic to your website through blogging, social media sharing, and posting optimized content, it can take a while before your website appears on the first, second, or even third page of search results. A common misconception about search engine optimization is that a user starts seeing results right away. Although this process does not happen overnight, it should improve with time. 

The major benefit of Google Ads is that allows businesses to place an ad higher on search results. It is important for real estate professionals to understand that the major real estate companies like,, and are always going to appear atop search results. A real estate agent who runs a well crafted Google Ad campaign can expect greater visibility on a search results page.

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