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Our Mission

Our mission is to help real estate professionals increase their business through powerful, easy to use, innovative online and mobile solutions.

About the LiveBuyers team

Leading Real Estate Web Developer

At LiveBuyers, we all come to work every day because we want to help real estate professionals realize the power of innovative internet technologies. Real estate agents know real estate – and may not always know what website features are best, or how to monetize their site to its potential. LiveBuyers was founded by real estate agents, for real estate agents – and has grown to be a leading real estate web developer.


The internet has transformed, and continues to transform real estate in every way; used effectively, it can also transform your business. Our goal at LiveBuyers is to make powerful, lead generating real estate websites available to every real estate professional and help real estate agents maximize their website potential. W


As a leading real estate web developer we strive to provide the most up to date, feature-filled real estate agent websites and real estate web design service.

Headquartered in Annapolis MD

75+ Employees and growing

One Mission - To help you grow your business

Innovative, Fun & Rewarding

Are just a few words of many to describe our team. Looking for a career change and think we’d be a good fit?

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