Are you working to boost traffic to your real estate website? There are several steps that you can take to gain an uptick in organic traffic. Consider implementing the following strategies to increase traffic to your website in 2019.

Optimize content for search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) continues to be an essential practice in 2019. With this, optimizing your page content is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your website. This extra step will also allow you to gather leads and generate new business more easily. 

As a part of our Available Add-ons, Livebuyers offers a search engine optimization service that is ideal for clients who are looking for long term, sustainable growth. With this, we will optimize your website page titles, meta descriptions, image alt descriptions, and minor keyword placement.

Post content to LinkedIn

Linkedin is often viewed as an essential tool for finding a new job. Millennials, in particular, are known for using LinkedIn as the primary vehicle for their job search. If you are trying to steer more traffic to your website, consider posting content to your LinkedIn page. Posting to your LinkedIn is an excellent way to improve both your image and marketability as a professional in the real estate industry. Your posts will also help you to develop a following, which will increase the amount of traffic to your website overall. 

Make the most of email marketing

Email marketing is another excellent tool for attracting new customers to your services. While it is often considered to be a traditional marketing method, email marketing remains a useful marketing tool for increasing traffic to your website. Email marketing is not a matter of spamming potential clients with emails every day. Instead, it is about new and existing property listings, as well as key reminders of your services.

Comment on industry-related posts

Are you maintaining an active presence online? In addition to posting quality content, blog posts, photos of property listings, and video testimonials, it is important to remain active in the comments sections of other websites. There is nothing wrong with contributing your input and expertise on industry-related posts. This is an excellent way to advertise your name in an extremely competitive industry, and it will also help to direct traffic back to your site. 

Use video marketing for property listings

Videos are more powerful than text-based content in terms of SEO. This is because video content is a significantly better way to retain the attention of a potential client. Most people today would rather watch a short video than to read a long page of text. By incorporating videos to digital marketing strategy, you are boosting traffic to your website.