Over 90% of buyers start their real estate search online, so having a strong presence there is crucial for agents. Also, chances are anyone who has landed on your website is there to learn more about your services and how you can help them, so every web visitor is a potential lead. This is why it is important that your website is inviting and intriguing to users, enough so that you can keep their interest and encourage them to get in contact with you. In our opinion, these are the top 5 elements your website must have to encourage visitors to convert to leads for your real estate business.

  1. Have a Clear Call to Action – a clear and direct call to action is the best way to get visitors to your website to complete the action you want them to, such as filling out their contact information or indicating interest on a property. Studies say this CTA should be in the upper right-hand corner of your website, and should be very clear to visitors what it will do. A good option is “Contact Us Now” or “See Available Properties,” which will help them navigate instantly and help shrink bounce
  2.  Use Headlines and Subheaders to Break Up Text – if your homepage has long sections of text on it, no matter how important, people are not going to read it. They came to your website to make a clear action, and will be scared away by a lot of text if they don’t know exactly what it is saying. Make sure to break up text with explanatory headlines, or even separate text into different pages to make it easier on your visitors.
  3. Highlight the Benefits – when it comes to catching the interest of visitors to your page, make sure to sell your benefits not your features. For example, explaining the details of your proprietary home-flipping system will not grab a user’s attention because they are not industry experts, but explaining that it will make them money will grab their attention.
  4. Perfect Your Contact Forms – your contact form is the most important part of your website, because it is how you’re going to get leads that might turn into new clients. Make sure your contact form is easy to understand, and make as many fields as you can mandatory without making them all mandatory and encouraging bad information. A good rule of thumb is to ask for as much information as you would need to start a phone call – Name, phone number, email, why they filled out the contact form and what they are interested in.
  5. Reassure Your Visitors – make sure to include elements to your website that lets any visitors know that you are a real business run by real people. Include pages that have your office location and information, reviews from other customers, “about us” sections that give the user more information about yourself and your staff, and links to your social media pages.

If you are prepared with a good website, generating interested leads will come naturally. Potential buyers are more likely to trust you if they think your site is enticing, so putting in the effort to make it look good and function well will be worth it in the long run.