What makes a good real estate agent website in 2020? Read on and discover a few of the top website design principles that answer this question. 

Simple, streamlined navigation

There is no need to overcomplicate your website. People of all skill-levels should be able to click around your website to find the pages that interest them. This is crucial for retaining website visitors. Many business professionals today make the mistake of trying to do too much or overcomplicating their website navigation with their website. If a user finds your navigation to be confusing, they may give up and exit out of your site. A task bar/website landing pages links should be clearly visible for all users. The goal should be for users to find what they are looking for in a matter or seconds. 

Accurate and exciting content

People conduct online searches every single day because they are searching for specific details within your content. The most effective website designs today are not only visually appealing, but feature compelling language. The right language and keywords will appeal to buyers and sellers and hopefully convert them into clients. 

Eye-catching visual elements

The goal should be to create a space for your brand that is inviting to your target audience. In addition to providing them with accurate content, it is important to align the images and colors used on your website to an accurate representation of your brand. After identifying your target audience, it is important to choose your hero images and supporting visual elements carefully to appeal to a specific age or demographic with your content. Similar to the way in which your content will establish a voice for your brand, your images will help to set the tone for your products and services as well. 

Premium, Affordable Real Estate Agent Websites

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