We all know real estate can be a bit of a flashy business, and it is easier to sell a home to a client if you can impress them. These days, one of the best ways to do that is to incorporate technology into your efforts. Most clients will expect you to be up to date on the latest tech, and showing them that you are can improve your bottom line. Here are some simple ways that you can incorporate tech that you probably already have access to and impress your clients.

  1. Utilize your virtual assistant – Whether you use Apple, Windows, or Google products, it is likely you have a built in “personal assistant.” These programs can be extremely useful, especially if your mobile devices and office devices are synced up. You can set appointments, reminders for follow ups, even dictate emails or make phone calls simply by talking to your virtual assistant.
  2. Make your Notes Digital – Taking notes that you can send to potential clients after you’ve met with them or shown them a house can seem unnecessary, especially because it might take away from interaction you could be having with the client. However, these days stylus’ have become much more advanced, and having typed, shareable notes is as easy as writing with a pen. Simply buy a smart stylus and sync it with your tablet or phone to be able to write notes that will instantly translate to a typed, neat, shareable document for your clients.
  3. Upgrade your Laptop or Tablet – When you meet with a client to discuss what they are looking for, and you have to constantly pass your laptop back and forth or turn the screen around to show them, your presentation can become clunky. Look into a laptop with a swivel screen or a tablet that can be easily shared to smooth out this process.