The emergence of mobile technology has changed the way real estate professionals market their services. With this, mobile ad campaigns and online marketing materials are now essential for reaching customers in 2019. Consider these easy techniques for growing your real estate business with mobile marketing trends.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The style and accessibility of your website create a lasting impression of your business. In keeping this in mind, it is imperative that your website is responsive on all devices. Many real estate businesses forget that a large number of their potential clients access their website from mobile phones and tablets. According to Statista, about 52% of website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. Be sure that your website is easy to use, functions correctly, and looks polished across all mobile devices.

Utilize Text Messaging 

People are constantly sending and receiving text messages on their mobile devices. In many cases, texting is a quicker and easier means of communication with another person than calling them. The simplicity of text messaging is frequently used within the real estate industry between buyers/sellers and the agent. Texting can both remove the hassle out of scheduling phone calls, and it can also be automated for communicating with potential clients. 

Build an App for Your Business

Consumers today are reliant on mobile applications. In addition to having a website, your real estate business can benefit from building an app that allows users to browse current home listings and receive alerts when new homes hit the market. Real estate businesses often include additional features in their apps, such as virtual tours, videos, mortgage calculators, and the ability to access and sign documents. Similar to websites, great content on your app will make it especially attractive to consumers, as well as a powerful marketing tool for your business.