The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is reshaping the real estate industry as we progress through peak buying season. With new social distancing initiatives in place, many agents are under the misconception that there is only so much that they can do to stay busy during quarantine. Fortunately, the availability of technology and social media allows real estate agents to connect with prospects and continuously grow their business. Consider the following best practices for attracting new clients while social distancing. 

Maintain an active social media presence.

Social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the most effective online tools for real estate agents in 2020. Although in-person home showings in the U.S. have declined since the outbreak of COVID-19, people are continuing to use social media on a regular basis. Because people are staying at home, Americans are spending more time on social media throughout the day. The younger generations of homebuyers are especially reliant on social media platforms as useful tools in their home search. Real estate agents should utilize this time of social distancing to attract prospective clients using social media. This can be done by providing them the latest real estate news and new listings, as well as additional resources.

Strengthen your online listings.

There are still plenty of people looking to buy and sell homes. Real estate agents who are now spending more time in front of their computers should also spend more time trying to strengthen each of their sellers online listings. This can be done by adding more detailed descriptions and captions, so buyers can better understand the various characteristics of the property. Agents should also invest time into crafting well-written copy for property listings, as these descriptions will help to capture the interest of a potential buyer.

Offer virtual tours for properties.

Although virtual tours already had a strong presence in the real estate industry, they have greatly increased in popularity since the COVID-19 outbreak. Because people are still encouraged to remain in their homes, it can be impossible, in some cases, to see a property in-person. Virtual tours allow buyers to tour a property without having to step foot outside their home. You can greatly strengthen your marketing efforts if you make virtual tours part of your marketing efforts. 

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