Client testimonials go a long way in the real estate industry. Homebuyers and sellers are often looking for reassurance that you are a reputable partner for their home buying or selling process before deciding whether or not to work with you. For this reason, client testimonials should be posted on a variety of your online platforms. Continue reading and discover a few reasons why it is essential to post client testimonials online. 

Testimonials establish trust

People tend to trust client testimonials because they typically come from unbiased sources. In general, a potential client is going to be more inclined to value the feedback of a former client rather than the sales pitch of the person who is selling their services. Today, consumers are incredibly well-researched and will often turn to search engines for learning more about a business. If they can access positive online reviews of your business, they will feel better about hiring you to represent them.

People can share testimonials

Social media has been trending upwards in the real estate industry for the past several years. One of the most significant benefits of posting client testimonials over social media is that people can also share them with their followers. This circulation of positive feedback for your business will help to extend your reach and generate more excitement about your business overall. Also, posting client testimonials on social channels will work to direct traffic back to your website.

Testimonials show staff appreciation

An excellent way to praise a member of your staff for their hard work is to give them a shoutout with a positive customer review online. This will give a coworker some added motivation and also reward them for their hard work with public recognition. Not only does this make your employees feel proud of their own efforts, but it also reflects well on your business and helps recruit others as well.