The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many real estate agents to change their day-to-day operations. During this time of social distancing, agents are needing to change how they market home listings and interact with clients. One of the best ways to capture a home buyer’s attention in a digital setting is through the usage of video content. Also, video marketing is an excellent way to generate engagement from people online. Examples of real estate video content may include virtual tours, client testimonials, or various types of community news. Keep reading and discover why real estate agents should make investing in video marketing a priority in 2020.

Buyers are searching for video house tours.

Although real estate agents are limited in their ability to show homes to buyers in person, they can still rely on video tours as an effective alternative at this time. They allow buyers to see the full scope of a home without the risk of exposure to the virus. Buyers can view video tours from the comfort of their homes from behind a computer, tablet, or phone screen. Agents must remember that there are still people looking to continue with their home search. 

People are spending more time online.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been self-quarantining themselves in their homes for the past few weeks. As a result, many homebuyers have had more time to spend researching agents and home listings online. A strong digital marketing strategy that contains video content will help you reach these individuals.

People will spend more time learning about you.

One of the most significant benefits of including video content on your professional website is that people spend more time on your website. The average internet user will spend more time watching a brief video than they would if they were scrolling through a page of content. Your goal should be for your visitors to spend as long as possible on your site, social media pages, and other digital platforms so they can learn about you and your real estate services.

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Livebuyers can assist you in building your pipelines of homebuyers while our nation is recovering from this unfortunate situation. The variety of options for virtual interactions is critical for preventing this temporary issue from affecting you in the long term. 

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