As 2019 draws to a close, now is an excellent time to reflect on significant marketing trends in the real estate industry. As many predicted, both real estate professionals and homebuyers have become increasingly more reliant on online resources for the homebuying process. Consider these few examples of real estate marketing trends dominating the industry in 2019.

Virtual listings

Homebuyers love virtual listings because they allow buyers to easily view a property from their computer or mobile device. Virtual listings are huge time savers, and their added level of convenience has successfully attracted more prospective buyers to homes in 2019. While open houses still are relevant today, virtual listings are rapidly growing in popularity. Real estate professionals can now sit down with homebuyers and show multiple properties from the comfort of an office. 

Facebook Advertisements

Facebook is one of the most dominant marketing tools of the industry as a social media staple. Real estate professionals are actively using Facebook ads to attract new business. One of the most appealing elements of social media ads is that they are accessible to homebuyers during all hours of the day. However, because of their growing demand, prices for social media ads are increasing.


Real estate professionals maintain busy schedules and often struggle to dedicate time to their marketing efforts. However, many realtors now have the luxury of using marketing automation to help them market their services effectively. With the help of marketing automation, real estate professionals can focus on meeting with clients while their online presence is handled automatically. More real estate businesses are now taking advantage of marketing automation this year.