Although the COVID-19 outbreak has brought many challenges to 2020, the real estate market still presents many positive opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Real estate agents who maintain an active presence during the pandemic are positioning themselves for growth for the remainder of the year. Blogging continues to be an excellent way to drive organic traffic to a website. Because people have been self-quarantining over the last several weeks, people have spent more time online reading articles they have seen posted over social media and through search results. With so much uncertainty, many are discouraged with the state of affairs, making uplifting real estate-related blog topics an excellent choice right now. Consider the following positive blog topic ideas for your real estate blog during COVID-19.

Share tips and tricks

People are reliant on search engines for answers to everyday questions. For example, a blog post on inexpensive ways to boost curb appeal or the best ways to stage various rooms in your house can provide positive tips to potential sellers. Any “life hacks” often serve as great material for blog posts.

Review local businesses

Why not share your support of your community by promoting some of your favorite local businesses? People are curious to know which places are open during the pandemic. Reviewing and promoting local business are positive ways of showing your support during these challenging times, as well as showcasing particular neighborhoods.

Highlight listings

Many agents are unaware that they can highlight listings on their blog page. This is a great way to attract prospective buyers and promote recent listings. Buyers love to read in-depth home descriptions when they are trying to find their next home. For example, an agent could include detailed descriptions about notable features of a property, such as tall ceilings, excellent storage space, or new windows.