The COVID-19 outbreak in our country has created an increased need for video conferencing applications as we continue to practice social distancing. There are digital platforms available today which allow agents to interact with prospective clients, discuss business with others on their team, or provide a virtual walkthrough of a home. These virtual platforms have dramatically increased in popularity since the start of the pandemic. Although there is a slight learning curve for some agents, these platforms are some of the most viable options during these challenging times. Continue reading and discover a couple of examples of popular virtual meeting platforms that are commonly used today by agents who wish to eliminate person-to-person contact. 


Zoom is a user-friendly platform that allows a client to join via their phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Because there is no download required for this platform, all a user needs to do to join a call is click on a link. This platform can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. It is a popular choice by real estate agents because there is a recording feature that allows the user to save and document meetings. This is a nice feature for an agent who is meeting with a prospective client because they can review the call in case they missed something the client said at any point in a call. 


Skype, one of the most widely used video conferencing tools, is another excellent option for real estate agents today. As one of the earliest video conferencing tools, it is commonly used today for both business and personal use. Skype is a preferred video conferencing software among real estate agents because users can share documents and many types of files via this platform. For example, an agent can quickly send over listing photos, reports, graphs, and other documents to a prospective buyer. 


Many people are unaware that although FaceTime is primarily used for one-on-one communications, it can support several users on one call. This user-friendly platform is an excellent choice for real estate agents because a client only needs to press one button to accept a call from an agent. This is one reason why it is an ideal choice for older clients who are less tech-savvy than younger generations. 

We should anticipate that shared video platforms will continue to have a strong presence in the real estate industry even after the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end. By implementing new industry practices like Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime, real estate agents can continue to grow their business while practicing social distancing in 2020.