The world of real estate websites has grown exponentially as of late, and there are definitely those that are doing it right. In an industry where it is becoming increasingly crucial to have a website to point potential clients to, here are the three websites that managed to stand out and shape that industry this year.

  1. Egypt Sherrod – She’s one of the most recognizable names in real estate, and her website serves as the perfect platform for that. Besides her listings, it also gives her visitors a lot of access to bonus content and learning resources, as well as creative ways to connect with Egypt.
  2. Melanie Gromov – Selling South Tulsa’s most elegant homes means a luxurious design, and that is exactly what Melanie’s website delivers. Her homepage is built for property searching, and you can conveniently search by school district, popular communities, or top active listings.
  3. Roh Habibi – Roh is based in San Francisco, and his website does a great job of featuring the scenery and luxurious feeling of the city to bolster his business. He uses background videos to his advantage, showcasing iconic imagery like the Golden Gate Bridge so that potential clients really know what he’s about.