One of the biggest reasons to have a website it to optimize the chance for inbound leads, especially since so many people start their search online. If you want to set yourself up to get as many online leads as possible, we recommend you try these three genius hacks.

  1. Prioritize Responsiveness – People want to access the web anywhere they go, so making sure your website works just as well on a phone or a tablet as it does on a desktop will open up the possibility for more inbound leads. If a potential customer lands on your page from their phone and is easily able to fill out a contact form, it will make them that much more likely to follow through.
  2. Organize Your Leads – Once you have inbound leads from your contact forms, or even from people engaging with your content, make sure to organize them so that the follow-up goes smoothly and they are more likely to convert. You can do this through a tool like a CRM or an email generation system that will store your leads in lists and automate responses to them.
  3. Highlight Testimonials and Have a Landing Page for Reviews – People trust the opinions of others before they trust anything you’ve written about yourself on your site, so many sure to highlight those testimonials! Use them as landing pages for your ads if you have them, and encourage people to see what others are saying about you. Pick 2 or 3 from particularly recognizable clients, or incentivize people to write their own reviews after you’ve worked with them.

What it all comes down to is that people just want your site to be accessible and trustworthy. If they land there and they are able to navigate easily, see that others have worked with you, and can easily fill out a contact form that they know will get a response, then it will be easy to increase your inbound lead amount.