The more content you can share on social or publish to your site, the higher chance you have of new visitors coming to your site or current followers turning into leads. However, coming up with topics everyday, especially when there is no current news, can be challenging and lead to writer’s block. So, as a source of inspiration, here are 10 blog topic ideas to help you get as much content posted as possible:

  1. Write about your local market – there are many different topics surrounding your local market that you can write about – area events, crime rates, property taxes, and local housing trends are all examples that would interest local readers.
  2. Talk about local market points of interest – Giving your followers ideas of things to do in their area will make you seem like a local expert. Write about parks, sports, or day-events happening in your area whenever they pop up.
  3. Blog about your target audience – Are you marketing to buyers? Sellers? Investors? Research about the things that are important to them and write content directed at them to encourage more of them to convert.
  4. Tell people about yourself – Write about what you are best at, why people should trust you, and even what you like to do in your spare time. Anything that is personal will make a client more likely to trust you, which could make them more likely to hire you.
  5. Give home maintenance tips – Some ideas for home maintenance include staging tips, decorating ideas, and renovation advice. These will be fun updates for your followers, because they are a little bit outside the realm of normal content for a real estate agent.
  6. Write about your listings – Since your site and social profiles are your best source for marketing, make sure to include content about your listings. New listings or listing updates, price reductions, and open houses all deserve blog posts.
  7. Give your opinion on trends – Predictions on how certain trends will affect the market and opinion pieces on current events will be welcomed by your followers, and they will make you seem like a subject-matter expert.
  8. Explain real estate terms and topics – Having a “real estate term of the week,” or another similar series of posts will both be educational to your followers and encourage you to post regularly.
  9. Keep current on what is trendy – Incorporating posts centered around what is trendy in pop culture – like how to locate the nearest juice bar or what actor recently bought a multi-million dollar home, will let your followers know that you keep up with what is popular.
  10. Post relocation resources – Any online resources that could be helpful for people relocating to your area, links for schools, gyms, and dentists or doctors, will be popular content with people who could become new followers.